Monday, August 18, 2008

Class is in Session (GRR!)

Well, it's the day we've been dreading since we took that swim yesterday and a cool breeze whipped by and you wanted your jacket. That's right, school.
School: The magical time every year where you get constant death threats from your teacher to get that history report in and your friends stick balloons in your locket on your birthday and then they pop when you open it, getting you that dreaded Lunch detention. But there is an equally, yet much more looked forward to that death threats! CLEAN WATER!!!!!
Here's what you do. Find that one teacher you have that a real enviormentally clean freak. For your science project, art project, or even a English project, clean up some body of water with some friends and incorporate it into the project. You get oodles of extra credit and you and your friends get to have fun. I know us sugar teens are closer than ever and have bunches of fun memories to look back on when we're in our insane asylum in twenty years, singing songs from Enchanted and the Waffle song (but that has nothing to do with cleaning the water. We're just naturally weird).